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A quick "post-birthday party" post...freedom of simplicity


I was just sitting a few moments ago at my granddaughter Lily’s 5th birthday party.  It was at a local park with some of the moms and kids from her and our daughter’s family’s faith community here in Ft. Collins.  Something amazing to see over the last few minutes…kids bringing handmade birthday gifts to the party for Lily…yep, there were a few bottles of bubbles and the obligatory princess figurine for the birthday girl but most of the stuff (including cards) were handmade by the children and personally presented to Lily.  A value that they have in their community that stood out to me was that of simplicity…they celebrated Lily…each card had a bible verse and an expression of love.  Each “gift” had to be proudly “explained” by the children who made them…that was a laugh just listening to that!  It was cool to be able to see birthday values being expressed that are a bit “unique” from that which I see culturally exhibited on a consistent basis.  Many of you know that we lived in Orange Country, California for about ten years.  While we were there, we saw a phenomenon with birthdays where parents actually got in some competition with each other to “best” or “top” other families in birthday extravangzas.  Serious money was being spent…oodles of gifts were being presented…kids were blowing through stacks of things that cost some serious bank.  Now, I’m not bagging on those families…that’s not my point although I have seen a child or two grow to have no sense of meaning in gifts and toys because they have been inundated with material possessions throughout their lives…they grow to a place where there is no sense of value in what they received.  It is all just a wash of overload.  It was cool to see some much simpler and to see the more humble and measured reaction from Lily.  Yes, there will be some family gifts later on…that’s all part of the celebration.  But there was NOT a stack of gifts that filled up the gazebo where we shared some cupcakes and some relational time.  It was simple…very meaningful and celebratory.  When people talk about “consumerism” and narcissism in kids these days it is easy to see where it originates.  Parents need to be the champion of values…parents need to be the ones who inculcate a sense of worth to gifts that are received…parents need to be the ones who prepare their children for a future where they will NOT receive piles of gifts on every personal celebratory moment.  I don’t know, it just spoke to me today…



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