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Peace @ year and counting

Happy-1st-birthdayThis past Sunday morning marked a full year in sharing Kingdom and Disciple living with the Peace @ Monroe faith community.  I often like to joke that a bit over a year ago, I had no idea where Monroe even was on a map.  And Washington?  Why even go there unless you like to swim...and you don't even need a pool to do it...just stand around.  Anyway, the journey with our new friends, in a wonderful, small community like Monroe (in the 1000's NOT millions) and in a faith community that IS truly seeking Jesus and attempting to take faithful steps of being and making disciples has been miraculous. Vicky and I feel loved...we feel like the winds of the Spirit are blowing and we are excited and antipating learning and growing more in trusting God and joining Him in new ways.  Peace really is more like a "big" home church (if you get my drift).  It is authentically includes real people with real stories of living day by day trusting God.  There's nothing overtly "flashy" about our faith community...we, in many respects, are just like a big family...we allow people to be who God created them to be.  We encourage each other in our gifts and abilities that have been so graciously given by God...from Teyo playing trumpet on Sunday morning to ladies taking their first steps in facilitating bible studies...from kids running around daily at Little Doves Preschool to groups of people meeting in local restaurants for food and personal encouragement to one another...from those long and wonderfully relational coffee hours after our worship experiences to the encouragement we are giving each other to live for the Lord, trust His Spirit and look for the movement of God in our community and attempt to join Him in those moments as we live the "reign" of the Lord in and through all our relationships in's all authentically Peace.  For some reason that I haven't put my finger on yet (you know, that compulsive need for academic definition), I've been more of myself at the core of my true identity more in the last year than in many of the past years of my life.  I don't feel the need to be anything more than who God as created me to be and I do and live out of that sense of being.  Oh, I'm still driven more than I probably need to be...I still have that good ole perfectionistic, obsessive-compulsive, CEO leadership style, placator-driven persona that I have to put to death daily...but the freedom to do that is easier to embrace day by day.  I wish I had the picture of trophy that some of the leaders in our faith community had made for me to post today...all I can tell you is that it was given for "a highly average year."  In many respects, after a good laugh and a moment or two of a deep sense of satisfaction and joy, that pretty much captures the spirit of this place and these people.  Yep, one year and counting...and I still wonder, actually refreshingly so, what is God up to?  More to come...


Kirsten Carlson

Happy Anniversary! Monroe is truly blessed to have you both here and active in our community! I hope you stay on for many years to come!

Johnny 10

Wow!! Congrats, Rob!! Time flies when you're doing something you love!! I'm so proud of you and happy for you, Rob!! I'm praying that one day God will bring our lives together again!! Love to you and Vicky!!!

Johnny 10

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